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Sport Services

Personalised Coaching

Optimise Your Performance with Tailored 1-1 Coaching Sessions

Team Performance with Expert Coaching

Experience personalised coaching that encompasses all facets of your athletic performance, from training phases to competition cycles, including pre-competition, during competition, and post-competition recovery. Together, we will define what success looks like for you and tackle the challenges that hinder your peak performance.

Customised Techniques for Enhanced Athletic Performance

In our collaborative sessions, we will explore and identify specific techniques tailored to your sport. These strategies will become essential tools in your athletic arsenal, empowering you to apply them effectively in various aspects of your sport.

  • Initial Session (1.5 hours - £115.00): This introductory meeting is crucial for setting the groundwork for our collaboration. I'll gain an understanding of your goals and the obstacles you face. You'll leave this session with actionable steps, which we'll revisit in a follow-up 30-minute call to ensure you're on track.

  • Subsequent Hourly Sessions (£75.00 each or part thereof): Continue to develop and refine your skills with ongoing personalised coaching tailored to your needs.

  • Discounted Package Options: Invest in your progress with package deals, which are designed to give you comprehensive support at a value-adjusted rate.

  • Travel Arrangements: If travel is necessary, expenses will be determined and agreed upon based on your location and needs.

Comprehensive Initial Assessment and Ongoing Support

Unlock the full potential of your sports team with comprehensive coaching services that foster a strong, effective team environment. By working closely with both the team and the coaches, I aim to enhance overall performance through structured, collaborative strategies.

Key Areas of Focus for Building High-Performing Teams

Our team development program centres on several critical areas designed to strengthen your team's cohesion and effectiveness:

  • Developing a Squad Ethos: Establishing a shared set of values and objectives that resonate with every team member, enhancing unity and dedication.

  • Setting and Managing Team Goals: Creating clear, achievable goals that motivate and guide the team towards success.

  • Building Effective Communications: Implementing communication strategies that ensure clear and constant dialogue between team members and coaches.

  • Developing Strong Relationships: Fostering trust and understanding among teammates to build a resilient team foundation.

Customizable Packages to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Invest in Your Athletic Future Today

My services are highly adaptable to meet the specific requirements of your team. Whether you're looking to enhance existing dynamics or build a foundation from scratch, I offer tailored packages that provide targeted solutions. 

Empower your team with the skills and environment they need to excel. Contact me today to learn more about my team performance coaching services and how I can assist in achieving your goals.

Personalised Coaching
Team Performance

Enhance your performance where it counts. Contact me to schedule your initial session and begin your journey to realising your full potential.

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