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About Sally McGinn

Sally McGinn Sports Psychologist

Empowering Athletic and Professional Excellence through Sports Psychology

As a dedicated Sports Performance Psychologist, my mission is to empower athletes to unlock their full potential. With a strong belief in the synergistic power of mental and physical performance, I specialise in elevating individuals and teams to their peak performance levels. My approach is universally applicable, catering to a diverse range of sports disciplines.

Unlocking Success through Mental Mastery

Achieving excellence hinges on the effective harnessing of one's mental capabilities. Whether you're battling frustration, underperformance despite hard work, distractions, loss of motivation, or pressure, mastering mental performance is key. I offer tailored strategies to navigate these challenges, fostering resilience and mental agility.

Expertise Rooted in Experience

Located on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border, my background as a former competition rider and avid golfer provides me with unique insights into the hurdles faced by athletes. As a Chartered Sports & Exercise Psychologist, HCPC Registered, and BASES SEPAR Supervisor, my portfolio includes collaborations with GB Para Badminton, National League 1 RAMS RFC, Women's England Lacrosse Team, GB Wheelchair Rugby and many more across various disciplines.

Comprehensive Support for Peak Performance

I offer a range of services designed to enhance performance under pressure, boost motivation and confidence, sharpen focus and concentration, manage stress, and harness emotions effectively. Through techniques like visualisation, pre-performance preparation, and strategies for injury comeback, I'm committed to crafting personalised success roadmaps.

Joining Your Journey Toward Excellence

Acknowledging the need for improvement is the first step towards transformative growth. I'm here to guide you through developing a bespoke programme tailored to your unique definition of success. Whether through face-to-face sessions, virtual meetings via Zoom/Teams, or onsite visits during training or competitions, I'm ready to support your journey.

Elevate Your Performance Today

Embark on your path to success with expert guidance. Contact me to discover how we can achieve your performance goals together.

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