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Sport Psychology

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The philosophy of the Spotlight suite of products is less focussed upon “where you are” and instead places the emphasis on “where you can get to”.


Spotlight is based on the major dimensions of character, based on the properties of the brain-behavioural systems.

This included the basic processes of motivation, learning and emotion.

Spotlight is based a combination of two of the Big 5 personality models (the most researched personality theories) & Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (the only biological model of personality)

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Accreditation to work as a qualified Sport Psychologist is mandatory. BASES is one route you can take to achieve that accreditation.


If you are considering the BASES Accredited Sports & Exercise Practitioner route, why not have a chat with me about what to expect and how supervision would work for you. 

Give me a call on +44 (0)7584256462 or message me on

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