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Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology

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Discover the Benefits of Sport Psychology with Tailored Workshops

Explore the transformative potential of sport psychology through customised workshops, designed specifically for your group, business, school, or sports club. These interactive and engaging sessions are crafted to be fun and educational, ensuring that every participant, including both coaches and athletes, gains practical skills applicable to their sports endeavours.

Interactive Sport Psychology Workshops

My workshops focus on delivering hands-on experiences where participants can:

  • Learn and apply key sport psychology principles to enhance their mental game.

  • Engage in activities that promote mental strength and resilience.

  • Develop skills that benefit performance under pressure, improve focus, and boost team dynamics.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Understanding that each group is unique, I offer fully customisable workshops tailored to the specific needs of your group, college, or club. Whether you are looking to improve team cohesion, individual performance, or overall mental toughness, our workshops provide valuable insights and strategies.

Ready to elevate your team's performance with the power of sport psychology? Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and how we can design a workshop that best suits your group's objectives.

Discover the Transformative Philosophy Behind Spotlight: Focusing on Potential, Not Just Position

Spotlight’s innovative approach shifts the traditional focus from simply “where you are” in terms of personal development to the more dynamic perspective of “where you can get to.” This forward-thinking philosophy is central to the Spotlight suite of products, designed to enhance personal and professional growth.

Core Elements of the Spotlight Framework

Spotlight is uniquely based on integral aspects of personality that influence behaviour, including:

  • Major Dimensions of Character: Understanding character through the lens of brain-behaviour systems, which govern how we interact with the world.

  • Fundamental Psychological Processes: Delving into the basic processes of motivation, learning, and emotion to provide a comprehensive view of personality development.

  • Research-Backed Foundations: Spotlight integrates two of the Big 5 personality models—highly regarded for their empirical support—and Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory, the only biological model of personality, to offer a robust and scientifically validated framework.


Innovative Approach to Personality Development

The Spotlight model is designed not just for assessment but as a tool for growth. By emphasizing potential and adaptability, it provides users with insights and strategies to harness their inherent capabilities and chart a course for personal and professional advancement.


Explore How Spotlight Can Transform Your Journey

Interested in understanding how the Spotlight model can facilitate your growth or enhance your team’s dynamics? Contact us for more detailed information and discover the unique benefits of this psychologically-informed tool designed for achieving greater success and fulfillment.

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Achieve Your Accreditation as a Sport Psychologist through BASES

Gaining accreditation is a crucial step for anyone looking to establish themselves as a qualified Sport Psychologist. BASES offers a well-respected pathway to this accreditation.


Exploring the BASES Accredited Sports & Exercise Practitioner Route

If you’re considering the journey to become a BASES Accredited Sports & Exercise Practitioner, it’s important to understand what the process entails. As a certified sport psychology professional, I offer guidance and supervision tailored to your needs. Here’s how I can help:

  • Detailed Overview of the Accreditation Process: Gain insights into what the BASES accreditation involves and what you can expect during the process.

  • Personalized Supervision: Learn how my supervision can enhance your understanding and application of sport psychology principles in practical settings.

  • Support Through Your Accreditation Journey: From initial steps to final accreditation, I’ll provide the support and advice you need to succeed.


Let's Discuss Your Path to BASES Accreditation

Considering the BASES route for your career in sport psychology? Contact me for a detailed discussion on how this path can work for you and what steps you need to take. Together, we can navigate your accreditation process successfully.

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